With roots in the Italy of the 1760’s, Bicerin (bee-cha-reen, rhymes with magazine) is the “World’s Best Chocolate Liqueur”.  This classic, multi award-winning (New York, London, and San Francisco) chocolate hazelnut liqueur is from the foot of the Alps and its Old World pedigree.  Biceirn di Giandijutto is well suited for coffee drinks, complex craft cocktails and desserts. It makes the ultimate Chocolate Martini.(see our cocktail section)

At first, you experience the rich intoxicating hazelnut chocolate aroma and then you taste the delicious full-bodied BICERIN hazelnut chocolate, blended with 15% smooth alcohol that can evoke the feeling of being in love.

Biceirn di Giandijutoto is GLUTEN free and DAIRY free.  Furthermore, the Kosher OU pareve  certification guarantees no dairy, chemicals or additives for the health-conscious consumer. No refrigeration is needed and there is no expiration date. Product contains soy milk.

Distillerie Vincenzi has over 85+ years of experience as distiller of fine liqueurs.  Founded in 1930 by Ferdinando Vincenzi, the daily hands-on operations by his great-grandsons, Andrea and Luca, the fourth generation of this family-owned business, guarantee the quality only multi-generational dedication to the craft only time can mature.

Background: The Napoleonic Wars made chocolate scarce in Turin, Italy.  Local Piedmont hazelnuts were added to stretch the chocolate.  During the 2006 Winter Olympics, The New York Times on February 8, 2006 headlined: “Why Settle for Gold in Turin? The Real Prize is a Darker Delight” – BICERIN. The July 1, 2012 New York Times Travel Section a36-Hours-in-Turin urges breakfast at CafèAl Bicerin to experience the chocolate experience.