The Vincenzi family Distilleryresponding to the demands of the market spent 12 months of research and experiments developed a new recipe that has given rise to new Bicerin White Liqueur, winning a Gold Medal in its second year on the market at the New York International Spirits Competition.
This sinfully delicious white creamy chocolate liquor is a must for every bar and home. Try this in coffee, any cocktail calling for chocolate or a cream liqueur, over fresh fruit with or by itself straight or on the rocks
The Bicerin White is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Combining availability of new flavors with our expertise and giving our white chocolate loving customers a choice with a unique product with the needs of modern times.
Distillerie Vincenzi has over 85+ years of experience as distiller of fine liqueurs. Founded in 1930 by Ferdinando Vincenzi, the daily hands-on operations by his great-grandsons, Andrea and Luca, the fourth generation of this family-owned business, guarantee the quality only multi-generational dedication to the craft only time can mature.

Bicerin White the only product with 40 g/l of natural extract of cocoa to be gluten free and dairy free and withour renowned ultra-smooth spirits that the alcoholic note is almost imperceptible. It does not need to be refrigerated and has not expiration date.

Bicerin White is GLUTEN free and DAIRY free. Furthermore, the Kosher OU pareve certification guarantees no dairy, chemicals or additives for the health-conscious consumer. No refrigeration is needed and there is no expiration date. Product contains soy milk.

White chocolate recognized and appreciated by many people, especially by a demanding public wanting to treat themselves to an innovative product; pleasant, delicate sweet and tasty.
The Bicerin White will surely be one of the most interesting products and required in summer for its freshness and pleasantness, especially if taken cold or with ice cubes. It mixes well with many fruit flavors. (see our cocktail section)