Vincenzi Amaretto di Torino

Amaretto (Italian for “a little bitter”) is a sweet, almond-flavored, Italian liqueur. Under strict Italian law amaretto must be made from crushed almonds. Some major brands have had to remove amaretto from their labels as they are made only with chemicals and flavoring.
Amaretto serves a variety of culinary uses, can be drunk by itself, and is added to other beverages to create several popular mixed drinks, as well as to coffee.
Smoothness and flavor are the mark of a fine liqueur. The process at Vincenzi begins with the finest quality, natural ingredients. Then the 80+ years of experience handed down from master distiller tothe master distiller continues to produce the smoothest of the Vincenzi Di TORINO Classico Collection.

Vincenzi Amaretto di Torino is GLUTEN free and DAIRY free. Furthermore, the Kosher OU pareve certification guarantees no dairy, chemicals or additives for the health-conscious consumer. No refrigeration is needed and there is no expiration date.

Distillerie Vincenzi has over 85+ years of experience as distiller of fine liqueurs. Founded in 1930 by Ferdinando Vincenzi, the daily hands-on operations by his great-grandsons, Andrea and Luca, the fourth generation of this family-owned business, guarantee the quality only multi-generational dedication to the craft only time can mature.

Produced with the traditional ingredients, including almonds, by the traditional infusion method. The secret to the high quality of this Amaretto is the smoothness of the underlying alcohol which enhances the enjoyment of the liqueur. There is no burn, bite, or tickle in your throat.
It mixes great with cola for the adult cola with lemon. Can be used in a variety of cocktails for either the lemon or fruit ingredient.. AMARETTO di TORINO and SAMBUCA di TORINO can be used in traditional cocktail as well as on the rocks.