Aperitivos are served in Northern Italy during Happy Hour or before the meal and have been widespread isince the 19th century. All Vincenzi aperitivos are gluten free.


Arancia (11% Alcohol), Italian for orange, is the classic Italian aperitivo, the Orange Spritz. The unique taste of predominately bittersweet oranges with soft notes of grapefruit and rhubarb creates a well-balanced taste of oranges smoothness.


  1. 92 Points, Great Value - Ultimate Beverage Challenge-New York 2018
  2. Double Gold, Best Liqueur - Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards 2018
  3. Gold - New York International Spirits Competition 2018
  4. Gold - Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2018

Bellini Peach

Bellini Peach (18% Alcohol) is the alternative to the Orange Spritz. The refreshing taste of peach and apricot reveals subtle hints of cherries, lychee, mango, and plums. The finish is a hint of sweetness and savory packed with stone fruit effervescence.


  1. 96 Points, Double Gold Medal, Aperitivo of the Year - New York International Spirits Competition.
  2. Gold - San Diego Spirits Festival 2020
  3. Gold - Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards 2020


Capasso (22% Alcohol) is a bittersweet herbal aperitivo, variations enjoyed since the 1860s in Milan. The herbaceous quinine bitterness is balanced with a syrupy sweetness flavored with blood orange and ruby red grapefruit peel zests, quinine, clove, cherry, lemon, and herbal woodiness ending with a peppery spirit tingle. The finish is a smooth long lingering quinine, zesty orange with orange pith bitterness, fading with quinine, orange zest and clove.


  1. 96 Points, Chairman's Trophy, Great Value, Top 100 - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020
  2. Gold - Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards - 2018
  3. Gold - Los Angeles International Sprits Competition 2018
  4. Gold - San Francisco Spirits Competition 2018